What’s the future for drugstores? 4.0 obviously!

By July 19, 2017Technologies

From the Cosmofarma Exhibition that took place in Bologna from the 5th to 7th of May, has emerged an evolutionary picture of the industry always more and more focused on technologies and digital solutions.

The old-fashioned figure of the pharmacist is getting out of date; the customer wants a multifunctional pharmacist, not merely focused on medicines distribution, but also a healthcare network that points on services and advices, offering a range of additional benefits, such as diagnostic tests, screenings and prevention and computerised reservations of visits and exams.

The future will be more and more 4.0 with a new “Pick & Pay” model that will integrate online and offline services to order medicines directly from smartphone, pc and tablet with a pick-up in the drugstore.

According to a Doxa research, 8 out of 10 people go to the drugstore one time per month. 8 out of 10 people have a trust drugstore and in the 40% of cases they are completely satisfied by the service.
The most important data is that 7 out of 10 people would like to have a more specialised service and the 75% a greater competition that will force pharmacies to improve their services and products.

The sample is composed by pharmacists and Italian people and the picture that emerges shows a real transformation.
The strongest signals of this evolution are given by an heavier use of technology that means:
– A drugstore formula, with the adding of the big players of the industry
– A multiplication of the offered services
– An increase of sales via e-commerce

«The evolution of the drugstores has just begun» told the Chairman of Federfarma Annarosa Racca.

“A very interesting picture of the drugstores of the future and a new model for all the healthcare players, such as the pharmaceutical companies, the historical partners of the pharmacists”, said Eugenio Arighieri, CEO of Dompé.
He expects that the pharmacist in 2020 will follow three main requirements:
– Technological cross-pollination, for a more and more connected drugstore;
– Specialisation, for a focus on specific competences and a more customised offer
– Openness, for a greater dialogue and relationship not only with the patient but also with all theppharma industry.