iOT and proximity marketing strategy for a real customer’s engagement

By July 22, 2017Technologies

iOT or Internet of Things, in other words, the application of internet to objects and places, is getting points on the Italian market where it records an exponential growth for a general value of 2,8 billion Euro.

These data is corroborated by the last research of the Osservatorio Industria 4.0 of the School of Management of Politecnico that highlights the 63% of the Industry 4.0 market, more or less 1 Billion Euro, is generated from the connectivity and from the Industrial Internet of Things.

On the market it’s possible to find different iOT solutions that can be applied to different industries such as the retail, the museums and fairs/exhibition; as a matter of fact these solutions are thought to change areas, environments and everyday objects in smart objects managed and controlled from every mobile device.

It’s possible to control the internal and external environment of the shrine through some sensors and touch devices allowing interaction with visitors through the mobile devices.

Furthermore these iOT solutions can be integrated with beacons that, using the Bluetooth technology, are able to better interact with the surrounding environment and with the customers developing a real proximity marketing strategy.

Just think to their application on the retail market, or during the fairs and exhibitions; the customer gets closer to one stand and the pre-positioned beacon generates an engagement action. Or, again, he enters a shop and all his movements are tracked according to his interests, the beacon interacts with the App the customer downloaded and it’ll send a special discount on his smartphone that can be used immediately.

The final goal is always the same: to engage the customers or prospects monitoring their behaviour.

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