Appdoit: the middle layer for the integration of three platforms

By August 9, 2017Case Histories

In another article we spoke about the lightness and strategic relevance of the integration between platforms (with legacy and third party systems) through API. The evolution of the digital newsstand project of the Monrif Group is a practical example of the potentialities of Appdoit platform for the effective management of this use cases.

The Poligrafici Editoriale by Monrif Group launched the new digital newsstand which encloses its four main titles: La Nazione, Il Giorno, Il Telegrafo e and Il Resto del Carlino. Through the newsstand the end-users can buy their newspapers through a subscription or a single copy purchase. With this project Monrif enters the subscription economy world.

For the renewal of its technological infrastructure, Monrif choose Viewerplus, one of the Appdoit modules, to integrate the Zuora platform for the subscriptions management.

Appdoit has been used as middleware platform to act as a liaison among the Zuora subscription management platform, Monrif management systems, the web front-end and the entitlement services. The Viewerplus module has been thought and used to handle the processes and the digital publications.

The innovative architecture mixed with the huge flexibility of the Appdoit platform allows a direct integration with the Zuora platform synchronising the products catalogue and supporting their enrichment with all the necessary information for the correct presentation of the front-end.

Appdoit also links Zuora with the administrative systems of Monrif enriching, filtering and normalising all the billing data that come from the transactions.

The project is entirely handled by Appdoit: the modular Web Application manages the purchase funnel, interfacing directly with Zuora and the payment Gateway. Furthermore the purchase Wizard is completely customised to face all the customer needs supporting a huge range of purchase cases for all the types of users.

Appdoit also developed the backend of the Web newsstand that lets user manage autonomously all the pages content and to create and modify the couponing campaigns fully integrated with Zuora.

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