Designers VS Developers

By August 22, 2017Project Management

For the development of a new digital project, the watchword is “customer centricity” but exactly what does it mean?

A customer centric strategy involves the cooperation between different kinds of professionals and skills; two of the most important groups involved in the process are the developers and the UX/UI designers.

They have to keep always the user in mind while they’re thinking about how to design an App workflow or how to develop a new App feature, but in everyday life this relationship may not be always idyllic because of lack of communication and misinterpretations.
So, to make the project succeed they have to bear in mind that:

– Designers need developers to implement what they might be up to
– Developers need designers to develop the best product from a user experience point of view
– Developers have to be aligned to understand with designers what’s possible and what’s not and how is going on the execution of the development
– Coolest design often implicates a huge implementation and a working App doesn’t always mean a complete high quality product for users (it’s not unusual to read reviews on the Stores of users who complaint about the design even if the App works correctly).

To enforce cooperation the planning phase is essential and, as reported by the Nielsen Norman Group, it’s better to follow a simple checklist for planning usability studies:

1. Define the goals of your study
2. Determine the right format and setting of your study
3. Determine the number of users
4. Recruit the right participants
5. Write tasks that can match the goals of the study
6. Conduct a pilot study
7. Collect metrics
8. Write a test plan
9. Motivate your team to observe sessions

In order to avoid useless troubles, these two groups have to work on communication; in other words they have to speak the same language, not only from a technical point of view.
As a matter of fact, they have to be conscious to work in the same team whose aim is to reach the same goal: customer satisfaction.
So they have to share the same processes and systems because once a project moves from one team to another one, there’s a good chance that interpretation between team members will be different and a good digital project passes always from a good communication.
To improve the workflow and to speed the execution phase, Appdoit teams has recently changed the way of working and the way they collaborate each other.

Design team switched to Sketch software, taking advantaged of the many plugins that enrich its features.
Sketch is a tool thought specially for digital projects; the way of designing using this software reflects somehow the way developers used to code. This means that just by using Sketch, designers start thinking more as developers do.

Beside Sketch, our design team uses massively Invision and all its tools. Invision is a great software to present ideas and prototypes to clients but is also very useful to collaborate with developers.
Using some latest features like Inspect, it allows developers exploring and analysing mockups like never before.
Similar to Inspect, our teams love working with Zeplin, a software and plugin for Sketch that lets developers examine mockups, getting dimensions and distances between items instantly, in addition to see style specification of every elements.

Another useful plugin for Sketch is Craft, made by Invision, that helps designers work faster, simplifying team work.

Remember: good communication means better products!

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