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About Us

About Us
Founded in Hong Kong in 1970
Cathay Tat Ming Group

Established in Hong Kong in 1970 Cathay Tat Ming Group specializes in high precision machinery and metal processing Following.Cathay specializes in all categories of high precision metal components compatible for products of consumer electronics...




Utilizing the principle of plastic deformation of metal under external force, cold heading process is a processing method that redistributes and transfers the metal volume to form ...

A casting method in which a high-temperature molten alloy liquid is poured into a pressure chamber to fill the cavity of a steel mold at a high speed, where a casting is formed fol...

Compared with cast / forged piece, stamped piece is thin, uniform, lightweight and strong. Stamping can produce parts with reinforcement ribs, ribs, undulations or flanging and imp...

A device used to connect two circuit conductors or transmission elements, which is widely used in microwave communication, automotive, medical, aerospace and other fields.

If traditional metal processing is treated as one job, then high-precision metal processing is more like completing a work of art...

Parts after electroplating / PVD can possess high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. Meanwhile, the cosmetic quality of parts can also be ...

As an indispensable process in the use of aluminum alloys, anodizing can overcome defects of aluminum alloys in surface hardness and abrasion resistance, expand the scope of applic...

A tool that makes a blank into a part with a specific shape and size under the action of external forces...

With such built-in capabilities as perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, control functions of manufacturing equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, IT, intelligen...

Base Distribution

Base Distribution

It has seven well-established production bases, located in Guanlan Town of Shenzhen City, Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province, Dalian City of Liaoning Province, Huangjiang Town of Dongguan City, An'xi County of Fujian Province, Luohe City of Henan Province, and Nanping City of Fujian Province. Relying on the superior ports in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Bay Rim, Cathay's business spreads throughout the world, especially in Americas, Europe, Asia.

  • 53Years

    Founding development history

  • 13

    Affiliated companies

  • 5000

    Manufacturing Equipment

  • 6000

    current employee

  • 400,000

    Production site

Production base


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America, Europe, Asia



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